Minnesota Fall Colors

As a professional photographer visiting family at Maple Grove, Minnesota during the peak season of fall foliage colors, I enjoy bringing my Nikon d800 camera for a hike at Elm Creek Park Preserve.

Fall colors on foggy morning with bridge crossing over Elm Creek, Elm Park Preserve, Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Foggy fall morning of bridge crossing Elm Creek, Maple Grove, Minnesota.

So nice to see and photograph the brilliant tree colored reflections early morning as if a landscape was painted and ready to frame.  The early morning fog helps add distance to the landscape, steadied by a tripod for bracketing exposures to create colorful HDR images.

Fall leaf colors at Maple Grove

A painted pallet of fall foliage color, Maple Grove, Minnesota.

As you walk the the trails near Elm Creek you see all types of trees, some are labeled by the park for identification. Many have beautiful colorful branches touching the water.

Red Maple leaves over foggy Elm Creek.

Balancing on a log out on the river, I almost slipped and fell as I photographed this brilliant colored maple tree branch reaching out over a foggy Elm Creek.

The best showing of glowing golden-orange-crimson fall colors are right here in central United States at Elm Creek Park Preserve, Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Foggy morning on Elm Creek, Lone red tree reflecting into the creek

One lone red tree on Elm Creek creates center of interest the foggy river reflects back into the distance.

It’s fun as a artist hunting for seasonal peak colors eager to see and photograph the many variety of hues October has to offer in Minnesota. There are so many lakes and parks to choose from as trees reaching their color peaks.

Wooden fence with fallen tree branch against colorful fall leaves.

Fallen tree branch crossing wooden fence leads your eyes around composition of this fall colored image.

Mixed coniferous and deciduous forests have shown a wide array of color for only one to two weeks, making these peak times for good for a fall color road trip.

Look into checking the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ fall color finder for the latest updates across Minnesota.

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Dog Photography

Bicycling with two dogs

The joy of bike trailering a Golden Retriever with Pomeranian riding in basket.

Bring out your dog’s amazing character with a successful photograph! If your dog is active, show them running, jumping, swimming or performing their own trick in action.

Rescue dog running on Daytona Beach, Florida.

This rescue dog loves running on the Daytona Beach, Florida.

It’s important to get down to their level. As a pet photographer will look through your dog’s world from his or her point of view!  It’s best to lay on the ground and shoot from the dog’s perspective.

Portrait of Red Standard Poodle

Standard Red Poodle with matching flowers.

It’s important to bring treats or peanut butter to every dog photography session. This provides your dog with a affectionate reward helping you create a positive experience when your pet sees that camera. This action will quickly enhance a confident association in your dog’s attention, and the rest is all tail wagging experience!

All standard poodles birthday party with homemade cake.

Standard Poodle birthday party.

Most dogs do not want to sit still and have a keen sense of good smells, for they need to sniff every few feet in all other directions. Pet photography requires a lot of patience. If you’re even-tempered enough, they will end up by simmering down and you will have the circumstance to capture that amazing moment in your dog’s photograph. So helpful in understanding a dog sensitive environment around them and most especially – a photographer’s positive energy.

Love face of older Golden Retriever.

Love face Golden Retriever.

Take your time and enjoy trying new approaches with different angles and exciting visual compositions in photographing your dog. Shoot a lot of photos with a telephoto and or a wide angle giving you interesting results you can later edit. Experiment by using different lenses. Filling the frame with your pet’s face and big eyes and tight close up shots often make beautiful dog portraits.

Two standard poodles

Beautiful Standard Poodles.

It’s best to let your dog play discreetly. Once you have, you are all ready to call for him by making sounds from some type of squeaky toy or noise maker. This will surprise your dog and catch it’s attention, providing the alert pose to snap that perfect image.

Portrait of blue eyed dog and owner on Daytona Beach, FL

Blue eyes match in this portrait of a girl with her dog on Daytona Beach, Florida.

Your dogs eyes can be very expressive. Focus on keeping sharp eyes is important in every kind of portrait photography. “Eyes are the window to the soul.”

Pomeranian Portrait

Smiling Pomeranian on the run.

Dusk Family portrait session with two dogs at Lighthouse Point Park, Ponce Inlet, Florida.

Family portrait session with two dogs at Lighthouse Point Park, Ponce Inlet, Florida.

Black dog jumping across the water

Black dog chasing mullet on the river.

Wet Goldern Retriever on river bank.

Wet Goldern Retriever enjoying the Intracoastal water.

Dog chasing stick into water.

Chocolate Lab jumping off dock into lake.

Golden Retriever exploring marsh grass.

Golden Retriever exploring marsh grass.

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Daytona Beach Photography

There is nothing like getting up early and heading on down to Daytona Beach photographing a beautiful sunrise as it appears over the horizon. Sounds of the waves, sea gulls chatting and children’s laughter enhance the serenity of being on the beach during these special moments in time.

Beach Reflection of Sunglow Pier

Sunglow pier sunrise refection low tide.

Photographing sunsets and sunrises can create some of the most amazing images you will capture.

Daytona Beach path leading to sunrise

Sunrise through sea oats Daytona Beach, Florida

The most appreciable coloring of the sky and beach scene only lasts about a half hour. It’s best you should photograph before and after the sun sets or rises. There will still be dramatic changes in light all around.

LightHouse Point Park, Florida

Golden morning clouds over Ponce Inlet, Florida

The sunlight beaming through clouds can be very dramatic. You never know what cloud creations will be in the sky from day to day. Wisps of clouds will enhance the image as the sunlight cast upon and through them producing an amazing light show.

Beach goers enjoy Daytona Beach white sands

People enjoying Daytona Beach as sun sets behind the boardwalk.

The best concept about sunsets and sunrises is that they are never the same from day to day, but they are nearly always beautiful.

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Nights of Lights St. Augustine

If you want to be in true spirit during the holiday season, you must visit the Nights of Lights in historic St. Augustine’s as it’s buildings, bridges, trolleys and horse drawn carriages are all dressed up with millions of tiny white lights that create a astonishing ambience throughout the nation’s oldest city.

Plaza de la Constitución, St Augustine.

Nights of lights viewed from Bridge of Lions, St. Augustine, Florida.

There is so much to photograph throughout the downtown area with it’s astonishing lights reflecting along the river bayfront to a blue lighted Christmas tree located in the center of the Plaza de la Constitución surrounded by wrapped gifts and lights draped around every tree. Holiday cheer is created as vacationers and locals sing carols all around the city of  St. Augustine.

Nights of Lights

Glowing lights in the trees at Plaza de la Constitución, St Augustine, Florida

DowntownSt. Augustine glows in holiday cheer. Visitors wander through the narrow brick cobblestone streets of downtown during Nights of Lights and gaze up at the glowing lights in the trees while taking in the alluring and remarkable sights.

St. Augustine park

Nights of Lights at Plaza de la Constitución, St Augustine, Florida

The Nights of Lights celebration was chosen in 2011 and 2012 by National Geographic as one of the ten best holiday lighting displays in the world. It’s the winter holiday festivity in St. Augustine where most historic downtown business and many residents take part of by lighting up their buildings. The beautiful display continues to dazzle, becoming more favored each year as a holiday destination for vacationers from all over the world.

Nights of lights, St. Augustine, FL

A girl sits with her little dog enjoying the river view at the Bridge of Lions, St. Augustine, Florida.

Visitors and locals can dine amongst romantic outdoor patios illuminated by tiny glowing bulbs. Remarkable light displays are seen at Flagler College and the. The perfect guaranteed photo opportunity can be captured of the lighted Bridge of Lions from the bayfront is one of my favorites as a professional photographer.

Nights of Lights St. Augustine, Florida

Dusk refection of Bridge of Lions, St. Augustine, Florida.

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