Welcome to my new blog. I won’t be banal and say, “I hope you like it.”

But I will say that over time I hope you can learn from it. As I will, over time, learn from you.

A Daytona Beach photographer’s life can be exciting. We travel the world over. Meet interesting, nice people. Photograph great scenes and scenic buildings. And, in the process, get a great education.

We also work close to home. And, in my case, that means photographing beach scenes. I love the ocean and the people who inhabit it. I also photograph buildings, photograph corporate people, photograph race car drivers, photograph motorcyclists, photograph aerial scenes, food – anything required of a commercial photographer.

There is a message I’d like to leave you with.

That message has to with my belief in creativity. For it is only through creativity that we achieve our wildest dreams.

My No. 1 promise to you is creative photography.

As we continue with this blog, we’ll explore how that works.

For now, I’ll sign off until the next blog. Or until we meet in person.

Either way, I hope it will be soon.

Tony Giese
Tony Giese Photography