Living in a fly-in community has its advantages. Like watching young children gaze longingly upward as locally owned planes zip through the sky.

Being a Daytona Beach photographer also has its high-side. Like living close to the beach. And taking photos of families who visit our wondrous beaches and the ocean with its magic sky in late evening and early morning.

Living here also allows me to photograph office buildings, homes, corporate people, nature scenes, food – any and all assignments that might surface for a Daytona Beach photographer.

The secret is to take sustenance from the beach scenes and the ocean. And use it as fuel for creativity to press always for a high degree of professionalism during photographs taken in my Port Orange home that I oftentimes set up as a photographer’s studio.

The river is my back yard. The ocean is often in my dreams. I rely on both plus the best cameras and equipment I can find to make sure my clients are happy with the work I do.

That clients are happy is important. They come seeking a Daytona Beach photographer to record forever their vacations and play times or to further their business ambitions.

Like young Ethan I once looked to the sky for answers to my dreams. My answers involved cameras and the wonder of creativity — a life filled with the magic of making sure my photography fills the needs, and dreams, of others.