There is nothing like getting up early and heading on down to Daytona Beach photographing a beautiful sunrise as it appears over the horizon. Sounds of the waves, sea gulls chatting and children’s laughter enhance the serenity of being on the beach during these special moments in time.

Beach Reflection of Sunglow Pier

Sunglow pier sunrise refection low tide.

Photographing sunsets and sunrises can create some of the most amazing images you will capture.

Daytona Beach path leading to sunrise

Sunrise through sea oats Daytona Beach, Florida

The most appreciable coloring of the sky and beach scene only lasts about a half hour. It’s best you should photograph before and after the sun sets or rises. There will still be dramatic changes in light all around.

LightHouse Point Park, Florida

Golden morning clouds over Ponce Inlet, Florida

The sunlight beaming through clouds can be very dramatic. You never know what cloud creations will be in the sky from day to day. Wisps of clouds will enhance the image as the sunlight cast upon and through them producing an amazing light show.

Beach goers enjoy Daytona Beach white sands

People enjoying Daytona Beach as sun sets behind the boardwalk.

The best concept about sunsets and sunrises is that they are never the same from day to day, but they are nearly always beautiful.