I’m a Daytona Beach photographer, and I couldn’t be happier. Born in Osseo, Minnesota, I migrated here after 20 years of bone-chilling winters. Just hopped in a van with my friend, Scott, and accompanied him to Daytona Beach, where I set up a professional photographer’s studio … and never looked back.

Educated in university as a graphic artist, I started taking photographs in 1975. As a Daytona commercial photographer, I discovered a world of expression and art unlike any other. What a wonderful life I live, the places I’ve seen – and the people I’ve met … Working as a Daytona Beach photographer, I came face-to-face with NASCAR’s greatest racing legends – Richard Petty, Buddy Baker and Smokey Yunick, to name a few. While shooting for magazines as a Florida professional photographer, I met President Gerald Ford, Senator Bob Graham and Florida Governors Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist…

Things I might have taken for granted – dolphins surfing the waves, for example – were fascinating to Brook Shields when we photographed her on the beaches in Florida.

I have flown at tree-top level and skimmed 5-foot waves while capturing aerial photos from helicopters. Aerial photography is a specialty that gives the term “bird’s eye view” new meaning and perspective. I shot Florida’s finest golf courses with David Duvall, Jack Nicholas and Arnold Palmer … and I watched Vince Carter palm a basketball. I proudly answered in the affirmative when General Norman Schwarzkopf asked if I was “the man in charge.” I captured a rare quiet moment with classic Jazz musician Benny Goodman backstage at Stetson University and accompanied singer/songwriter Lou Rawls backstage in his hometown of Chicago.

I have cruised the Bahamas, the Keys and Mexico. I traveled across Europe, and flew all over the United States to shoot conferences, products and magnificent locations including the Grand Canyon. I dove on some of the finest reefs in the world – Belize, Cozumel, the Keys … And as a Central Florida commercial photographer, I discovered life near the water – boating, diving, the sun and the surf. I worked with nationally renowned interior designers and with Florida’s finest builders, marveling at their fine color selections and exquisite homes. Florida interior design photography is a specialty of mine. My professional food photography is well known, and I appreciate and work well with chefs, food stylists, makeup artists and models. I welcome direction from art directors, artists, marketing managers and other creative talents who accompany me on location to take a quick look through the lens.

It’s an exciting and rewarding life. Not a day goes by that the simple artistic moments of my every-day life don’t stop me in my tracks – and gently remind me to always live with passion and presence.
As a Daytona Beach photographer, I welcome creative challenges. I continue my education in Adobe Photoshop to ensure my clients the retouching of digital images (samples) and overall design are always at the highest level – the best I can do. My most satisfying professional moments are when a client contacts me thrilled beyond belief with the final product. You won’t find me in the phone book. Instead, I continue to build a successful career as a Florida professional photographer with referrals from satisfied and happy customers…