Dog Photography

Bicycling with two dogs

The joy of bike trailering a Golden Retriever with Pomeranian riding in basket.

Bring out your dog’s amazing character with a successful photograph! If your dog is active, show them running, jumping, swimming or performing their own trick in action.

Rescue dog running on Daytona Beach, Florida.

This rescue dog loves running on the Daytona Beach, Florida.

It’s important to get down to their level. As a pet photographer will look through your dog’s world from his or her point of view!  It’s best to lay on the ground and shoot from the dog’s perspective.

Portrait of Red Standard Poodle

Standard Red Poodle with matching flowers.

It’s important to bring treats or peanut butter to every dog photography session. This provides your dog with a affectionate reward helping you create a positive experience when your pet sees that camera. This action will quickly enhance a confident association in your dog’s attention, and the rest is all tail wagging experience!

All standard poodles birthday party with homemade cake.

Standard Poodle birthday party.

Most dogs do not want to sit still and have a keen sense of good smells, for they need to sniff every few feet in all other directions. Pet photography requires a lot of patience. If you’re even-tempered enough, they will end up by simmering down and you will have the circumstance to capture that amazing moment in your dog’s photograph. So helpful in understanding a dog sensitive environment around them and most especially – a photographer’s positive energy.

Love face of older Golden Retriever.

Love face Golden Retriever.

Take your time and enjoy trying new approaches with different angles and exciting visual compositions in photographing your dog. Shoot a lot of photos with a telephoto and or a wide angle giving you interesting results you can later edit. Experiment by using different lenses. Filling the frame with your pet’s face and big eyes and tight close up shots often make beautiful dog portraits.

Two standard poodles

Beautiful Standard Poodles.

It’s best to let your dog play discreetly. Once you have, you are all ready to call for him by making sounds from some type of squeaky toy or noise maker. This will surprise your dog and catch it’s attention, providing the alert pose to snap that perfect image.

Portrait of blue eyed dog and owner on Daytona Beach, FL

Blue eyes match in this portrait of a girl with her dog on Daytona Beach, Florida.

Your dogs eyes can be very expressive. Focus on keeping sharp eyes is important in every kind of portrait photography. “Eyes are the window to the soul.”

Pomeranian Portrait

Smiling Pomeranian on the run.

Dusk Family portrait session with two dogs at Lighthouse Point Park, Ponce Inlet, Florida.

Family portrait session with two dogs at Lighthouse Point Park, Ponce Inlet, Florida.

Black dog jumping across the water

Black dog chasing mullet on the river.

Wet Goldern Retriever on river bank.

Wet Goldern Retriever enjoying the Intracoastal water.

Dog chasing stick into water.

Chocolate Lab jumping off dock into lake.

Golden Retriever exploring marsh grass.

Golden Retriever exploring marsh grass.

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